Group of Activities 1

Establishment of the Black Sea Joint Regional Centre for Mitigation and Adaptation to the Impact of Global Changes Effects

The aim of this GA is to prepare the adequate legal and logistic framework for the establishment of a mechanism and a joint structure that provides for effective and continuous correlation of past and on-going research activities along with focus and coordination of future research activities among Black Sea countries.

Group of Activities 2

Elaboration and implementation of a Regional Clearing House Mechanism (CHM) hosted by the Centre, ensuring its routine operation and research information flow among Black Sea countries, as a support for joint policy and decision-making.

The Aim of this GA is to set-up a Regional Clearing House Mechanism within the Centre, including its operating methodology and logistics. Once implemented the RCHM will ensure access to the scientific reports and exchange of information as well as education on global change issues in the Black Sea region, and also the Center's connectivity and integration with other on-going international programmes.

The Regional CHM will be supported by an inter-relational integrated (meta) data bank accessible over the internet by all the countries in the region, with interoperable platform systems and data sharing protocols.

Group of Activities 3

Visibility of the Action

Recognizing the importance of publicity and dissemination and aware of Commission Regulation (EC) 1159/2000, as well as of the SWOT analysis of the Programme, MAREAS established this activity to ensure provision of immediate, accurate and correct information on all aspects and results of the Action, as well as on its funding Programme (with strict observation of provisions from the Visual Identity Manual of the Programme).

Group of Activities 4

Management and coordination of the Action

A well managed Action reaching its objectives, without serious conflict between the partners, without irregularities and with smooth reporting to the programme.

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