Aims and Objectives

As it is based on, and is consistent with, the 1995 Athens Declaration of Ministers Responsible for Science and Technology of BSEC Member States, the MAREAS Action aims is to provide a strategic framework for the practical implementation of several actions and initiatives concerning the mitigation of the impact of global changes in the region.

The overall objective of MAREAS is to establish a tool and to put-in place a mechanism that provides for mutual share of scientific data and correlation of national research efforts related to assessment and adaptation to global changes, within the Black Sea region. The strategic action of MAREAS derives from this objective and concerns the establishment of a regional centre, jointly coordinated and operated by the participating Black Sea countries.

Specific aims and objectives:

1. Set-up of a jointly operated and coordinated Centre that will act as a regional technical support organization for decision makers and will provide for correlation and coordination of national research efforts directed to assessment and adaptation to global changes.

2. Develop and implement a Regional Clearing House Mechanism, which will serve as an adequate platform for the integration and comprehensive evaluation of national research data, for the mutual benefit of the region.

3. Establish links and integrate the Black Sea region, through the MAREAS Centre, with similar on-going international programmes addressing global changes.

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